HGH and Growth Hormone Releasers

HGH For Mind and Body

    HGH has been called the fountain of youth hormone.
Researchers have proven that six months of HGH on lean body mass and tissue mass were equivalent in magnitude to  the changes during 10-20 years of aging. Thousands of hours of research combined with numerous clinical double- blind studies have led scientists to believe that aging is  not  inevitable and is, in fact, a pituitary deficiency disease.

    The following is an information guide to the amino acids and the unique way in which they work together in the body.

              ARGININE - An essential amino acid that has been proven to cause the secretion of growth hormone. Positive claims include improved exercise performance, increased fat burning and the building of muscle tissue. Arginine also boosts the immune system, helps to fight against cancer and promotes  the healing of burns and wounds.

              ORNITHINE - Very similar in structure to arginine but has shown to be twice as effective. Taken on an empty stomach at bedtime, ornithine is also an effective growth hormone releaser.

              GLUTAMINE - The most abundant amino acid in the body.  Glutamine is an effective growth hormone releaser that Is most  used on the body particularly during times of stress. It is the key to the metabolism and maintenance of muscle, the primary  source of energy for the immune system and essential for DNA synthesis, cell division and cell growth.

              CARNITINE - A vitamin like nutrient related to the vitamin B-complex, which is essential for energy production and metabolism of fat.

              LYSINE - An essential amino acid that affects bone formation, height and genital function. Researchers have concluded that lysine is most effective when taken with arginine and together  have shown remarkable anti-aging benefits. Recommended to take one hour before exercise and just before bed.

              GLYCINE - A non-essential amino acid. Glycine is one of the stimulatory agents that induces the pituitary gland to secrete growth hormone. It has also been found useful in increasing output in exercise workouts.